The Cost of Fitness

Working out with a trainer 3 or more times a week can cause financial burdens for many people, and in turn force them to stop training. All of that hard work and money goes down the drain because the cost of training is too high. SoloFitness understands that, and chooses to be "cost friendly", so that each client will be able to adhere to his/her program.

I do offer single session rates. However the more frequently you choose to train a week the lower the cost per session. So not only will you be consistent with your workouts and reach your goals quicker, you will also save money! Train with a friend, family member, or co-worker and you will save even more!

Let's face it; the cost of NOT exercising can be steep. You may find yourself paying more in doctor bills than gym memberships if you don't get serious about your health. SoloFitness can help because SoloFitness is affordable.

SoloFitness makes it convenient for you to work out. You can train in a gym, at home, or even at your office. Whatever it takes for you to exercise SoloFitness will do.

Email SoloFitness today and find out specific costs. I'll even throw in a free consultation so that you feel comfortable knowing that SoloFitness is for you.